How to Create Cute and Easy Easter Chick Nails

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What you need. Rhinestones are optional.

Put base coat on your nails because the yellow nail varnish might stain otherwise.

Apply yellow nail varnish.

Add the eyes by using the cocktail stick dipped in black nail varnish and dotted onto the nail. ONLY PUT EYES ON NAILS YOU DO NOT WANT RHINESTONES AS THE EYES.

With the eyes. One nail does not have eyes because that is the one I'm going to put rhinestones on

Use the cocktail stick again to make a small orange triangle under the eyes for a beak.

After I did all the beaks.

When the designs are dry put a top coat on.

Add the rhinestones as soon as you put the top coat on so they will stick, I left mine a little too long so mine didn't stick on at first attempt.

Put another top coat over the rhinestones and then your finished! :)

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