How to Make a Duct Tape Bead Bracelet

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Cut a strip of duct tape. The longer it is the thicker your bead will be.

Use a ruler or another straight edge to make triangles on the tape as long as the strip.

Keep doing that so you will end up with multiple triangles.

Take your straw or coffee stirrer (I used some flexible plastic tubes that I had) and stick the fat end of the tape to it. Roll the tape up on the plastic stirrer. You can see my result next.

My result.

You can do multiple beads on one straw. Once you use up all of the room on the straw, cut the beads off. Cut one side of the straw off as close as you can to the bead and do the same to the other side

Once you do this to all of your beads it may be helpful to layout your pattern if you want one.

Start beading by placing one end of the string through one end of the bead. Take the other end of the string and place it through the other side of the bead. Continue doing this with the rest.

You may want to use smaller beads in between. I used 5. Just tie off this bracelet with a knot. I recommend making it a little larger than your hand. And, congrats you got yourself a new bracelet.

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