How to Use Your Voice to Get Things Done on iPhone 3GS/4

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I was a little disappointed when Siri was unveiled. I knew I couldn't - shouldn't - wouldn't be getting the new iPhone 4S anytime soon. So, until then I figure I'd improvise.

First, iPhone's standard voice command. Have you used it? It's handier than you'd think. Press and hold the home button for 4-5 seconds and the voice command prompt will come up.

From here, you can say things like"What time is it?", "Call John Smith", "Play artist Bush". You can access your iTunes library as well as your contacts list.

Helpful noteIf you use a Bluetooth or headset w/ a mic, press and hold the speak button for 4-5 seconds to bring up the command. Remember the headset that came with your iPhone? You can use that too

If you have difficulty voice dialing certain people in your contact list try adding a nickname to the contact file. From the contact file>EDIT>ADD NEW FIELD>NICKNAME

Now, instead of saying "Call Elizabeth Martin" you can say "Call Beth". If there are multiple numbers listed, the command will ask which phone to call (Work, Home, Mobile, etc).

Voice command having difficulty with a song, artist, or album name? Create a new playlist with the music and now say "Play playlist _________".

Another handy dandy [free] voice guided tool is Vlingo. Download the app through iTunes or the app center. After downloading, go through initial setup and now you can work with your voice!

Here are some ways you can utilize the app. I am a huge advocate for not texting and driving. This app helps to keep your eyes on the road.

Be sure to change the settings to recognize when you stop talking and/or start recording as soon as you launch the app. It is pretty accurate as well.

Vlingo is not completely voice guided, but for the most part, it is. I use it daily for several different functions, including texting, emailing, and web searches.

I've seen other voice apps, but this seems to have better options. Please share if you have any other tips! Now go, my young Padawan, and let your voice SMS and "Call Mom".

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