How to Cook Macaroni and Hotdogs!

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First put some water into a pot and wait for it to boil..

..and wait..

..and wait

..and wait.

Sweet! It's boiling.

Add the noodles to the water.

Then stir a bunch so that the noodles don't get stuck to the bottom of the pan.

When the noodles are fat and tender they're ready.

Drain the water from the pot.

I put the stove on WARM and prepare the hotdogs.

I cook mine on a paper towel cuz I'm not fancy or anything. 40 seconds should do it. You'll hear them popping.

Squeeze in cheese hole hotdogs are cooking.

I cut mine up with a fork, as to not dirty another utensil.

Throw the hotdogs in.

Stir it around.

Gobble it up!

Watch the video: A $6 meal - Chicken Sopas: Filipino Style Soup with milk and hotdog. Serve a family of four.

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