How to Make a Leather iPhone Flip Wallet

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You need 4 pieces of leather at 2 thicknessesOutside piece285mm by 87mm at 2.5-3mm thickness Inside piece130mm by 87mm at 2.5-3mm thickness CC slots97x87mm and 77x87mm at 1.5mm thickness

Use a strap end punch to punch a hole into the thick inside piece. This makes it easer to take out the phone

This is how we will put the pieces together.

Use a cloth and gum tragacanth to smoothen the flesh side.

Moisten the leather and apply stamp (optional)

Cut rounded corners.

Glue parts in place to keep them from moving while you're sewing.

This is the glued wallet.

Use a stitching groover to add a groove to sew along.

BE CAREFULstop at the point where the pocket ends on the other side.

Finish the groove.

Use an over stitch wheel to mark the even spacing for your stitches.

Sew pieces together and burn the ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying.

Even out stitches with the over stitch wheel.

Test fitting (you could use moisture to case the leather and harden it in the shape of the phone).

Clean up the cuts.

Add black dye to edges.

Let dry.

Use an edge slicker to smoothen the edges.

Closeup of edges.


Finished inside of the wallet.


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