How to Draw a Person's Face

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It all starts with the center T- shape form. We start by using this T to form the nose.

Using your T as a guideline, draw the arches connecting the top and bottom of the t first , then connect with the tip of the nose

From here, fill out nostrils and eye guidelines

Now draw eye sockets

Fill in pupils and add lashes

Now start to shape the face, draw a line straight up from the center of the nose, (2-3 inches) and down from the tip about same distance. Connect the lines with a rounded line on each side of the face

Add lips about an inch below nose tip and add neck curving inward

Finally , shape your face with hair . Always add more than you think seems right ... It will add depth to your face !

Watch the video: How to draw a face for beginners from sketch to finish. Emmy Kalia

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