How to Make a Tissue Purse

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Pick out a fabric you like.

Lay the fabric out upside down.

Draw a straight line 6 inches.

Just like that^ :)

Draw out a second line at a 90 degree angle to the last, this one 4 inches long.

Finish it so it makes a complete rectangle.

Cut your rectangle out.

Now fold the fabric over so there are two layers.

Measure and mark a line 5 inches long.

Measure and mark a line 6 inches long.

Add two more lines to make a rectangle.

Pin the pieces of fabric together in the rectangle.

Cut out the rectangle.

Unpin the rectangles. You should now have three rectangles, two big and one small.

Take the two big rectangles and fold them in half horizontally.

Lay the smaller fabric face up. Take the two folded rectangles and lay them on top.

Yours should now look something like this.

Pin the fabrics together.

Sew the fabric just as it has been laid out.

Turn it inside out.


Stuff tissues in.


Tah-dah! It's finished!

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