How to Remove Berry Stains

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Easily and safely remove any berry stains from any fabric. Blueberries, raspberries and cherries are shown here.

Also works for blackberries

Boil water in a kettle. You will want to use it while it's boiling.

Use a large bowl.

Drape the fabric over the bowl with the stains centered

Pour the boiling water through the stains

Continue pouring until the stain disappears. It will disappear!

Keep pouring...

Sometimes depending on how fresh the stain is, you may be left with some residual. If this happens, just use a little oxygen bleach.

Pour a small amount directly onto the stain

Pour more boiling water through the stain.

Rinse it out in the water in the bowl and it's GONE!! Then wash it as usual.

This took me only 3 minutes and rescued my daughter's t-shirt :) This method can be used on any fabric or color that can be washed.

Watch the video: Removing a berry stain

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