How to Make Easy Mexican Sincronizadas

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This is all you need. (from left to right) tortillas, nopales, cheese, Jalapeños, and ham.

First take 2 tortillas.

Add ham.

Add cheese, in this case is manchego, but you can use other if you want.

This are nopales, you don't really need them, but they make the sincronizada taste better.

Jalapeños are a type of chilli so be careful. Here in mexico we are used to it so we eat them with everything.

Put the other tortilla on the top.

Put your almost-there sincronizada.

Turn it so the tortilla can cook from both sides.

As you become a sincronizada-expert you are going to be able to do this.

I know this tutorial is too cool to stop reading but please don't forget to turn on the fire.

Cut your sincronizada in triangles. *Secret Tip #827 Everything tastes better in the shape of a triangle.

And Your sincronizada is finis....... Wait whaaat?!

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