How to Roast Coffee Using a FreshRoast SR500

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Start with 125 grams or so of green coffee beans - basically enough to fill just under the silver band of the cup. These came from Sweet Maria's.

Make sure you have plenty of ventilation.

To get a Full City roast using the 5.9 minute roast cycle, start the roast on low temperature, high fan for the first minute. After the first minute has elapsed, turn the temperature switch to high.

After the roast has been going for a couple of minutes, the beans will be lighter.. I adjust the fan by not quite half in order to keep them moving, but densely packed.

First crack! Throughout this stage, the beans will get lighter and lighter so they'll tend to 'jump'. When that happens, carefully dial the fan speed back to keep the beans moving but packed.

Second crack! To prevent burning the roast, you'll have to act quickly. You'll want to hit the cool button and turn the fan speed back up to high after 20 - 30 seconds. Let the roast coast home.

After the roast is done, remove the chaff collector (careful, it's hot), and then get the beans into a colander to finish cooling and remove any excess chaff.

Bag your beans up and let them rest at least 12 hours. After that, grind them up and enjoy!

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