How to Apply Nail Art Strips

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Nail polish strips can be bought in most drugstores. Many come with an included nail file to shape the sticker. I will be using Sally Hansen "Real Nail Polish Strips" in this guide.

Start with clean, dry nails.

Prep the nail you will put the polish strip on by rubbing it with nail polish remover. This will remove oil and make the sticker last longer.

Choose the strip from the pack that best fits the nail you want to apply it to.

Remove the clear plastic cover...

...then peel the strip off from the thick white backing paper.

Break the strip from the tab.

Now for the moment of truth! Line the strip up with your cuticle and firmly press down for several seconds to securely attach it. Avoid pressing with nails or you may tear the strip.

Use scissors to cut excess sticker, trying to get as close to your nail as possible.

If you wish to apply strips to more than one nail, you may want to save the portion you cut off. It is possible to use a single strip on two short nails.

Form a crease by using a gentle file to smooth the excess sticker down over the nail. Then, use a rougher file to remove the rest.

It may take a few minutes to fit the strip perfectly the first time. If it starts to peel up, firmly press down for a few seconds. The strip should remain chip-free for a week- no top coat needed!

You can continue applying strips to the rest of your nails, or paint the others with complimenting nail polish and leave the strip as an accent. To remove, use liberal amounts of nail polish remover.


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