How to Cook Frittata

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Make sure you have all ingredients if yes, than you are ready to start)

Take potatoes cut them into small pieces.

Heat the water

Take one onion and cut it into small pieces

Add it to the plate

Put potato into boiling water

Cook it till its ready

Take mushrooms and clean them

Cut them

Add to the onion

Clean and cut the paper

Add it to the plate

Take ham or bacon and cut it

Add it

Cut them


Add them


Heat it with oil


Put potato till it will be gold


Mix everything and start to cook for 8 min


Prepare eggs add solt and pepper


Cut garlic


Add potato, garlic into the mix


Cover everything with eggs and let it cook for 20 min


Prepare the cheese


After 20 min put everything into the oven for 3 min than take it out put cheese on it and put it back into the oven for 5-7 min to make the cheese ready


After its ready take it out cut into peaces and you ready to serve!!!)))))) Congrats!!!!!

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