How to Make a Hook & Eye Clasp

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Gather your tools together. Use the flush wire cutters to cut two pieces of 14-gauge wire, one at 1 1/4" and one at 1 3/4".

Select the 1 3/4" piece of wire and use the round nose pliers to make a loop at one end.

Then grasp the wire with the round nose pliers about 1/4" above the loop and use your fingers to bend the remaining wire around the head of the tool to form a hook.

Grip the tip of the hook with the bent nose pliers. Hold the hook steady with your other hand and use the pliers to bend the tip up at a slight 45 degree angle.

Squeeze the hook together slightly to make the opening smaller to make the hook more secure. Set the hook aside.

Pick up the remaining 1 1/4" piece of wire and use the round nose pliers to make a loop at one end.

Make a loop on the opposite end of the wire. You will have a figure-8 shaped eye.

The completed set.

As an optional touch use a bench block and hammer to flatten parts of the hook and eye.

Place the hook on the bench block and lightly tap the curve of the hook, the curve of the loop and tip of the hook. Repeat for the eye taping the bottom of each loop.

This gives a dimensional look to the clasp.

Open the loop on the hook to the side and loop it on your chosen piece of jewelry. Pictured is the chain from my "Make Jump Rings & Chain" Snapguide.

Repeat with the eye part of the clasp and you are done!

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