How to Draw Manga - Face II

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With the last snapguide, you learn enough tools to draw something like...

Always making the sketch first, and is ok if looks so bad hehe.. because it's just the sketch..

With the mechanical pencil you improve the draw, and if it still aren't good enough, look the mistakes and try it again.

Now here is another method to draw faces!! Is about focus outside the circle, let watch it in the draw...

Now the mouth and the ear is outside the circle,

But always with the mechanical pencil you can make it better and learn about your mistakes (⌒-⌒; )。

Now lets try this new method with another face..

Again the ear is outside de circle and we use the glasses lines for the position of the eyes and ears.

Adding hair, the jaw lines and neck.. Erase softly the sketch to had it only as guide..

I leave those sketch lines just to get the idea of the whole process.. But you can erase it..

Watch the video: How to draw Anime Basic Anatomy Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

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