How to Cook / Steam Yam Cake

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Skin yam and cut to strips. Grate the strips into pieces.

Erawan Brand rice flour from Thailand, mum's trusted brand!

Mix water and rice flour, removing lumps while mixing. Mixture should be smooth in texture like this.

Pound garlic and pre-soaked dried shrimps. Heat the wok and oil. Stir fry garlic, dried shrimps till fragrant and appear golden brown.

Add yam and continue to stir fry. Adjust heat accordingly while frying.

Make sure the mixture does not turn charred. See how evenly-mixed it is! Thumbs up!

Pour rice flour mixture in gradually.

Keep stirring as mixture fills up to wok brim. Add salt to flavour, taste.

Keep stirring till water evaporates. Mixture thickens and texture becomes creamy (resembles oats).

Add dried shallots and mix well.

Grease pans thoroughly with vegetable oil.

Make sure all sides of pans are greased.

Off heat and transfer mixture to pans.

Level mixture in pan by moving left and right.

Otherwise use a ladle to spread mixture evenly.

Tadah! We are ready to steam it.. ;) Use medium heat.

Traditional steamer - this can hold 2 pans simultaneously. Make sure the water level is below the pans. Check every half hourly adding water to prevent drying up. Steam for approximately 2 hours max.

There you go! Freshly steamed yam cake. Best served with sweet soya sauce, garlic chilli sauce and fried shallots. Enjoy!! ;D

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