How to Tape a Hockey Stick

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Supplies detailed. (1) Hockey Stick, needing new tape on the blade. (1) Roll of white tape, tape preference may vary.

Yes, it needs new tape. And, regularly taping a graphite blade can help protect it. (Disclaimerjust from wear, not tear)

Remove old tape to provide a fresh canvas for the new tape.

Make sure to remove all traces of old tape and discard accordingly.

Start by covering just the toe of the blade with a short strip of tape.

Pinch the tape down to front & back surfaces of the blade.

Finished toe portion, now ready to move on to covering the entire blade.

Begin at the heal of the blade. Preferences may vary on starting point.

Begin taping by wrapping the tape around the blade slightly overlapping the previous strip. This should be a continuous piece of tape.

Once at the toe, loosely wrap the last bit on either side.

For reference, here's a closer look at the previous step.

Take the excess tape from the front of the blade, push it against the back of the blade, almost like folding it over. Continue until no more loose tape and all tape is firmly against the blade.

Finished product. In the words of Wayne and Garth, "Game On!"

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