How to Style Curly/Wavy Hair

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Start with Damp or Towel Dried hair

Do NOT brush through hair, if you have to comb through it but I suggest against it (It will break the curl)

Carefully run Mousse or Curl spray Gel through Hair

These are the Products I use ^ LeftAussie Anti Frizz Creme MiddleGarnier Fructis StyleCurl Shaping Spray Gel RightGarnier Fructis StyleCurl Construct mousse

Scrunch through hair (ok not all at once, but this is what the products look like ^_^) TipTilt your head upside down and scrunch up, over and over until you get the desired effect

Use a blowdryer with a Diffuser Flip your head over again, and bundle the hair up with the diffuser towards your roots

Yes, I took these pictures while my hair was Straight and dry, bear with me ^_^

Hold until hair is dry. Repeat until all hair sections are completely dry(:

Flip head back over for natural looking Voluminous Curls[:

If some parts fall flat or lose curl, check out my "How to Curl hair with a flat iron (New Way) guide for a simple natural looking fix(:


Watch the video: MY WAVYCURLY HAIR ROUTINE + Favorite Products 2b 2c

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