How to Exercise My Dog

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Choose Strider NOT Doogle

Bike and helmet

Chest harness

From this position lift harness up

Ring sits on top

Clip each in place

Clip lead to ring

Ready to go

Hold lead so that Strider's shoulders are in line with handle bars. If he is too far ahead he won't know when I'm turning left or right

Tell Strider what I'm doing. When slowing down say "slooooow." Strider is very much tuned into which way I want to go whether left or right.

One happy exercised puppy. We cover about 2.5 km in about 8 minutes.

Doogle is waiting for us

Strider sleeps most of the morning after his run. The alternative is the discovery of holes in the back yard.

Watch the video: How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors Using a Treadmill!

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