How to Make a Paper Balloon

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Start by making a square. Fold top corner down and use scissors or tear the bottom off carefully to leave a square.

Next fold opposite corner to produce an "X" on the square. Light crease a center line down the middle.

Keep "bottom" side towards your body and gently push the two sides towards the middle.

Squish the top flat to crease the center. This is a very important fold! Make sure the inside double fold is lined up with the center line.

Fold one corner up towards center tip and crease hard. Repeat on the other side. Be careful to only fold the top half.

Flip over and repeat the last step on this side. You should now have a square again.

Fold the top corner to the middle center line. Repeat on the other side so the two corners touch.

Flip over and repeat on the other side.

If you look closely at the side tabs each has a slot and a corner above it. Fold each corner down and slide it as far as it will go into the slot.

Make hard creases, these are the folds that will hold the ballon together.

One corner now has a small opening. Hold your ballon in two hands, take a deep breath and blow hard to inflate your ballon.

It may help to insert a straw into the hole to blow up your ballon. Your ballon will hold water if you are careful.

If you experiment with paper type and sizes you can make a LED desk lamp shade or passable ping pong balls. Make three different sizes and stack into a no melt snowman. Make a mini piñata or mobile!

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