How to Play "The Scientist" by Coldplay on Guitar

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This song is meant to be played on Capo 3. It's still obviously do-able without but won't sound like the original.

The intro and verses areF#m/B, G, D, Dsus2. The pre-chorus "nobody said it was easy" part goesG, D, Dsus2 X2 and then A, A7th. Chorus goesD, G, D, Dsus2.

If you're playing with a capo this chord should be played on the 5th fret. We're going to call it a F#m/B for simplicity sake :p

VerseF#m/B, G, D, Dsus2.

Switching from a D to a Dsus2 is very simple. Instead of taking your hands off and repositioning them back on just remove your 2nd finger from the string and keep playing smoothly :)

Pre chorusG, D, Dsus2 X2 and then A, A7.

Drop your middle finger from the previous A and you've got yourself an A7.

ChorusD, G, D, Dsus2. Play along with the song to get a feel for everything.

Just showing off all the parts of the song.

If you have any questions message me or comment. Feel free to request any songs!

Watch the video: how to play The Scientist on guitar by Coldplay. acoustic guitar lesson tutorial


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