How to Make Mint Juleps

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Assemble your supplies. It's proper to use a pewter tumbler for mint juleps, but in a pinch any glass will do. I'm using a double-rocks glass here.

Add 2-3 mint leaves, 1.5 table spoons simple syrup, and a splash of water to your glass. See my profile for my mint-infused simple syrup recipe.

Muddle the leaves gently with a spoon to allow them to release their oils into the water/ syrup mixture.

Fill your glass with crushed ice. To crush my ice, I use a snow cone maker. The ice comes out a little too fine, but it works. In a pinch you can place ice cubes in a towel and break with a hammer.

Add two shots of bourbon. It's traditional to use Evan Williams, but any bourbon that costs between $10 and $24 a fifth will turn out just fine.

After two shots bourbon added.

Stir gently with party straws.

Cap glass with more crushed ice. Add a sprig of mint as a garnish.

Find a place in the sun and enjoy your mint julep.

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